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  1. Awful that she was that dramatic over Wenzhi. He was absolutely AWFUL, Liwei basically spent his entire life pleasing her, makes one shitty move and that’s how she treats him. really disappointed in how this series concluded.

    1. Because it wasn’t just choosing Liwei. Yes, he was with her throughly majority of her life and helped her through her bad times, but the love they shared was undoubtedly one best for friendship. Their relationship would’ve never truly progressed because of his heritage and his inability to give up his title and role as crown prince and now emperor. They would’ve never been happy together, and Xingyin mentioned it herself. She did not want to be empress because it would be the same as being caged up. On the other hand, Wenzhi and her have been through a lot together. Fighting monsters, battles and almost experiencing death. They have gone through a lot and that brought them so much closer than the years she has had with Liwei and despite having betrayed her, he respected her throughout the whole second book and even gave up his life for her. He truly supported her in ways that she needed and stood with her. He helped her grow and experience much more. If you really think about it, the love Liwei had for Xingyin was almost uncertain. He wouldn’t have done half the things Wenzhi did for her and the love wenzhi had was certain and clear. He would’ve done anything for her and his title and parents wouldn’t stop him. I personally loved the ending and despite what Wenzhi did, I don’t hate him. The betrayal he caused Xingyin could have been enough to cause hatred, but when you see how he grew up and how terrible his brother was, you’d realize that he not only cared for his people enough to sacrifice that much but he also cared for the celestial soldiers who were practically his enemies. Wenzhi is a good guy and has a lot in common with Xingyin and I have no doubt that Liwei is happy for them and that he will hopefully find someone whom he can love as well.